Bøttejuvet Matta1379 juni 1, 2022
Bøttejuvet (1322 masl)
Hike description
Bøttejuvet sports one of the wildest views you will ever experience! There’s a panorama view of the mountain range of Hurrungane in the mountainous area of Jotunheimen, Øvre Årdal, and 1320 meters straight down to the emerald green Årdalsvatnet Lake.

From Hæreidsvassbugen, please follow the gravelled path that, after some time, becomes a trail in easy terrain along the Årdalsvatnet Lake to Lindvikgjerdet. From here, signs show the way up to the left towards the old cabins in the valley of Lindvikdalen. Some hundred meters from Lindvikgjerdet, the mountain steepens towards the old cabins in the valley of Lindvikdalen. From here, the terrain flattens towards Skaret and the large cairn.

Once at the cairn, please make a right towards Skorsfjellet and Bøttejuv. The trail here isn’t marked, but the terrain is nice and easy. After some time, you will see the large cairn at Skorsfjellet at 1320 masl.

This hike is planned so that you can return the way you came, but you can also choose to hike from Bøttejuv down to the valley of Seimsdalen. Alternatively, you can return to the ravine Skaret and back to the hotel via Gjerdenosi or make a round trip from Bøttejuv to Strupesvingen in the valley of Seimsdalen, with a total walking time of 3-4 hours.

Hike information
  • KM: 18, 8 KM IN TOTAL
  • ASCENT: 7 – 1320 MASL

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