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Klingenberg Hotel
Torget 7, N-6885 Årdal
Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
Phone: +47 57 66 58 00

Contact Årdal Tourist Information:
Phone: +47 94 15 96 99

    Highlights in Vettisriket

    Norrøna visits Vetti Farm

    To celebrate Norrøna’s 90th anniversary, we welcomed their team and eight (8) loyalty members to Vetti Farm.

    Dramatic nature up close and personal

    A hike in the valley of Utladalen, with Hjelle at a starting point, gives you the best dramatic experiences Norwegian nature offers.

    4 experiences worth a detour

    Vettisriket gives you four experiences in Indre Sogn that are well worth a detour. These experiences offer a greater wow factor.