Middagshaugen Matta1379 juni 1, 2022
Hike description

Please follow country road FV 53 to Årdalstangen, and go to the top of the residential area called “Tippen” at Årdalstangen. A good tip is to park your car at the shop REMA 1000 in the centre of Årdalstangen and go to “Tippen” on foot, as parking options are limited at the start of the trail.

The trail takes you through the forest, and after approximately 10 minutes in easy terrain, you will have to cross the stream Geisdøla. Shortly after, the hills will steepen towards the north wall of Finnsåsen, where the trail turns to the left in flatter terrain before the ascent increases again. This continues as you go upwards, with a steep ascent combined with flatter sections where you can rest until you reach Finnsåsen at 501 masl. 

From here, the hike continues south on a good trail along the ridge towards Kjerringskaret, at approximately 870 masl. After passing the ravine, the trail leads further into the mountain and away from the cliff, where it flattens out after some time. From the cairn at Middagshaugen, 1122 masl, you’ll get a fantastic view of large parts of the Sognefjord and the mountainous area of Jotunheimen.

You can combine this hike with a hike to Årdalsnosi (1092 masl) and down to Nosabøen by the Kolnos tunnel, alternatively to Kamben and down Reidarbakken in Naddvik. 

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Hike information
  • KM: 10,4 KM IN TOTAL
  • ASCENT: 123 – 1122 MASL

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