• Avdalen Farm During the summer season, there are hosts at Avdalen, and it’s possible to book accommodation and order food
  • Vetti Gard Turist station An important place for mountaineers since the pioneers made their way through the valley of Utladalen as early as the 1900th century
  • Indre Ofredal Drive through the tunnel from the valley of Seimsdalen to the valley of Ofredalen and follow the road down to the fjord
  • The Vettisfossen waterfall The Vettisfossen waterfall is the tallest protected waterfall in North Europe, with a free fall of 275 metres
  • Paradisjuvet View towards the valley of Vikadalen, the mountains of Årdalsnosi and Middagshaugane, and more toward Lærdal
  • Middagshaugen This is a steep hike in challenging terrain on a clear and marked trail. Enjoy the amazing view of the fjord
  • Kvitingsmorki Here, you’ll find four of Norway’s cloven-hoofed animals – moose or elk, deer, rain deer and roe deer
  • Hjelledalen Flott tur i kupert, fargerikt og nydeleg dalføre til velstelte stølshus.
  • Bøttejuvet Bøttejuv har ein panoramautsikt til blant anna Hurrungane og Øvre Årdal