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4 experiences worth a detour

The realm of Vetti gives you four experiences in Indre Sogn that are worth a detour. These experiences are off the main road but offer a greater wow factor. Are you in? You will reach Årdal by following Country Road 53, by taking the main turn towards Årdal when you pass Turtagrø Hotel or by following the road going along the Sognefjord all the way to the end instead of driving right past, ending up in Oslo or Bergen.

Skogadalsbøen mountain cabin

Skogadalsbøen, the jewel of Jotunheimen, is 14 km from the nearest road. Here, it’s as if time stops, and it’s easy to relax, let go of responsibilities, and enjoy the beautiful nature. Have a day to yourself in the magnificent nature, with yoga, hikes, climbing, or just snuggling under a blanket in front of the fireplace.

Skogadalsbøen’s young hosts will greet you with warmth and happiness. You don’t want to miss this!

Tya Bakery & Café

Tya Bakery is a relatively new craft bakery in the centre of Øvre Årdal. Lom Bakery was a big inspiration when the project started in 2015, and the bakery became very popular among the locals. Tya Bakery offers local produce without artificial additions and a minimum amount of yeast. Prolonged swelling and a unique sourdough yield a better taste and long durability. The wares are sold in a shop in the centre of Øvre Årdal. The shop holds various cakes and baked goods made by Tya’s confectioner and baker. Tya Bar serves locally brewed beer from Tya Brewery and other small-scale breweries.

The Indre Ofredal Farm and Rural Industries Centre

Driving through the tunnel from the valley of Seimsdalen to the valley of Ofredalen and following the road down to the fjord, you will arrive at a historic place. From the early 19th century and up to World War II, the small fjord community of Indre Ofredal was a bustling place because of the water they used to power their mill and sawmill.

The pine forest in Ofredal was and still is of excellent quality. In Ytre Ofredal lay a quarry; their white granite can be found at the Grand Hotel in Oslo. The products from the sawmill were transported to Bergen in a local jekt. On the way back, they brought wares that they sold to the locals who crossed the fjord in rowboats to trade or to grind grains into flour. You can still see the old wooden mill today. The summer café is open, and the hosts are lovely! 

Vetti Gard Tourist Station

Vetti Gard Tourist Station is located in the heart of the valley of Utladalen, a protected landscape area you can’t reach by car. Please park your car at the parking at Hjelle, and begin the hike along the 4, 5 km hike along “The People’s Road” through the valley. Enjoy dramatic waterfalls and an exceptionally lush landscape on your way through the valley. At Vetti Gard Tourist Station you can stay the night or visit the summer café.

Once at Vetti Gard, you can make your way to the Vettisfossen waterfall, named Norway’s most beautiful waterfall a few years ago. The cultural landscape surrounding Vetti Gard is well maintained by Utladalen Naturhus (nature house) and grazing animals. Hike through Norway’s most beautiful valley!

Highlights in Vettisriket

Norrøna visits Vetti Farm

To celebrate Norrøna’s 90th anniversary, we welcomed their team and eight (8) loyalty members to Vetti Farm.

Dramatic nature up close and personal

A hike in the valley of Utladalen, with Hjelle at a starting point, gives you the best dramatic experiences Norwegian nature offers.

4 experiences worth a detour

Vettisriket gives you four experiences in Indre Sogn that are well worth a detour. These experiences offer a greater wow factor.