Beer tasting in Eldhuset Matta1379 januar 29, 2024
Beer tasting in Eldhuset
Eldhuset at Klingenberg
Please invite your friends or colleagues to an evening of beer tasting in our cosy and ambient Eldhuset. We can offer you three kinds of ale, which we have brewed under this roof at Klingenberg Hotel. The brewer will take you through the entire process and offer exquisite dining suitable for a night with great drinks.

For more information, contact us at or by phone: +47 576 65 800  

Our beers

A fruity and dry Blond Ale with a refreshing aroma of citrus, grass, flowers, and grain, it pairs best with fish, shellfish, and white meat dishes, or it can be enjoyed just as a thirst quencher.

This classic West Coast IPA has rich piney and citrusy hop flavours. It is auburn in colour and well-balanced, with a rich and sweet malt flavour. It is fresh and easy to drink and has a long aftertaste. It pairs best with various meat dishes, fat fish, Asian cuisine, and various ripened cheeses.

A North English Brown Ale with a brown colour, this beer has nutty, caramelly, toffee-like tones and a light chocolate flavour. It is low in bitterness and has a medium to full body. It pairs perfectly with food such as beef, venison, or other types of game meat, as well as tomato-based stews.

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